Editorial Content Development

Right under your nose...

That's somewhere Rauci likes to sniff around and get inspiration.

This inspiration is the source of the popular culture editorial content that Rauci loves developing. Rauci specialises in focusing on subjects remarkable for their unremarkability.

Rauci can develop concepts and supply freelance contributions of bite-sized popular culture material suitable for:

+ light-browsing, information-byte-oriented compilations,
+ periodical or one-off applications,
+ a range of audiences, whether broad or specific,
+ print or electronic media.

Contact Rauci for more information or to organise a meeting to discuss your requirements. Rauci already has a wide range of concepts across a range of subjects.

Example concept: You would not like to live with Rauci...

…because he closely observes everything you do.

An example of editorial material created by Rauci is Domestic Crimes. This weekly exposé of the frustrations of shared living spaces was supplied to the Good Weekend magazine in Melbourne and Sydney , Australia.

Domestic Crimes was also recently incorporated into a range of greeting cards for Hallmark Cards, Australia and as of October 2005, has been published in book-form by Hardie Grant Publishing. For more information on Domestic Crimes>>>

The Domestic Crime File  - Front Cover of Book

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